Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When the devil attacks!

After the Fair, I took Ellie and Gabe back to my house so that they could go potty and get "un-sticky"
before I took them home.

Ellie came upstairs, went potty then Gabe came up after.
I told Gabe that he needed to potty but he said that he didn't have to...he stood there for a minute , looked up at me and said, "Well...I do have to poop" . So he sat down on the toilet and I went into my room to get something, came back out and he was still sitting there. He was bent over with his elbows on his legs and his head in his hands and this is the following conversation:

Gabe: I hate the world!
Me: Why do you hate the world?
Gabe: Because the world has the devil in it and he makes bad things happen!
Me: Oh Baby, what has the devil done to you?
Gabe: Well. for one thing...He won't let me poop!