Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Seersucker Suit

Some fashions never go out of style, and some do, only to come back 20 years later.(I just got my husband to throw out the bellbottoms and Bam!...they're back).

In 1980 when I was 20 years old and you told me that I had to wear styles from the 1950's or earlier, I would have thought you were crazy. But wouldn't you know it, some styles just wont stay buried. My 20 year old son has a seersucker suit that he proudly struts around in. Granted, having a seersucker suit is pretty cool and it's one of those styles that you don't mind coming back. Lets just hope and pray nobody tries to bring back the ....
Leisure Suit!! ...Then again, we probably have 1 or 2 in the closet.


5 Generations: Great Great- Grandparents (Wilburn & Ollie Mae Sutton) Great Grandmother (Inez Shubert) Granby ( Debbie Etheredge) Dad ( Jake) & Gabe

4 Generations: Great- Grandfather (James Leon Etheredge) Papa (Sam Etheredge) Dad (Jake) & Gabe

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cami and Max

Cami and Max are the children of Jack and Susie Kosmicki. (Jack was my boys wrestling coach and he and Susie are our "family" in Greenville.) Max and Cami are our favorite munchkins.
I have known and loved these 2 since the day they were born. They are as special to me as my other niece's and nephews. Max is 6 years old and Cami is 4(almost 5).

Typical conversation with Cami:
Cami: Aunt B, did you know that my daddy married Max's mommy?

Aunt B. : Really! I thought that your mommy and daddy got married, then they had you two.

Cami: yea..they did. Daddy got us at the Bi-Lo

Aunt B: I thought babies came from the hospital. My son had to get his baby from there, I don't think they had any at the Bi-Lo.

Cami: nah...they don't anymore, we were the last ones

Fish Fry

Fried Catfish, hush puppies, fries, coleslaw and sweet tea, if your mouth is watering just reading this then you are indeed a true Southerner.

I am so excited about the fish fry Friday night in Alabama. The WHOLE family is getting together for what will be a finger-licking good time.


The 4 Bucketheads

I'm really looking forward to being in Alabama this weekend and getting to spend time with the family especially my grandson! It's going to be a busy time. I will be going to Emilee and Erin's Dance Recital on Sunday, I'm really excited about that! I love seeing all my nieces, Audrey is the oldest, 16, and just got her drivers license. Sarah became a teenager in November. Audrey and Sarah are very athletic and excel in softball and volleyball. Emilee and Erin are amazing dancers. Emilee is 12 and just made cheerleader at New Hope Middle School, and 8 year old Erin...what can I say... is a genius, and she will quickly inform you of that fact. Uncle Sam started calling the girls "bucketheads" when they were very small and it stuck. He has a picture of the girls in his office with the title "Bucketheads" on the frame.

We love um!

Pray for Brent

Brent McCorkle is the 25 year old son of one of my best friends. Brent has just been deployed to Iraq. This is a copy of the last e-mail he sent before he left:

Hello Everyone,
This will be my last email sent from home. My flight dates have shifted a little, and my company and I will be leaving for our deployment a few days later. We are still scheduled to land in Kuwait (after a 17 hour flight!!) and do a few weeks of training/adapting before we move up to Iraq.I just wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and support that I have received already. I know a bunch of people have mentioned wanting to send care packages and letters to my guys and I, but I do not have a mailing address just yet. Once I arrive in Iraq, I will send out another email with our actual mailing address.I also wanted to list some of the names of the guys in my platoon and company that I would like for all of you to pray for...these are all AMAZING soldiers and I feel extremely confident in going over there with these men:

CPT Joe Inge (my commander)
1SG Travis Bean
1LT Mike Fritz
1LT Brian Deminico
1LT Mark Quivers
SSG Kenderis King (married with one due in July)
SSG Phillip Moore (married with 2yr old and brand new baby boy!)
SSG Kevin Simpson (married with 2 children)
SGT Pete Louriero
SGT Matthew Price (married with a daughter)
CPL Andy Ricket
CPL Nate Olsen
PFC Kyler Boline
PFC Jarred Stallone
PFC David Chanthavong (married and wife just found out she was pregnant)
PFC Mike Carroll (married and baby due in July)
PFC Iann Williams
PVT Bob Mitchell

Please forward this email on to anyone who did not get a chance to leave me their email or have them email me so that I can add them to this large list. I know that I have left some folks out.
Thanks again for all your support in helping me to get to this opportunity.
Please keep ALL our troops in your prayers as well as Emily (my fiancé!!!), my family, and the families of all my soldiers!
Love you all!
Brent McCorkle

Please pray for all our troups and be sure to say a special one for Brent.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meet the Etheredge Family

My husband and I were High School Sweethearts in 1976 and have been together since. We basically "grew up together". We were raised in a little town in Alabama and I had lived there all my life, that is until I was 32 years old. I was 32, a mama's girl and my husband's company transfers him to South Florida, Sunrise to be exact. Sunrise sits between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Talk about culture shock! So we load up a u-haul, 3 kids and with a sense of adventure, head out to be on our own. 18 months in South Florida is not what you see on TV. I felt as if I were in another country. Anyone who has ever been to Miami knows this feeling.

Long story short... WE DID NOT LIKE FLORIDA!

Thank God for GREENVILLE, SC. We were transfered to Greenville 12 years ago and we love it here. It just feels like home, and the experience of being on our own without family all around everyday really makes you appreciate them more. The joy of going home to visit is just the greatest. We will one day retire in Alabama because no matter how great another city is, Alabama will always be HOME.

David Gabel Etheredge

What can I say, our first grandchild. I now know why everyone kept telling me how special grandchildren are. Here are just a few of the many pictures we have. The handsome older gentleman is Gabe's Great,Great Grandfather...Wilburn Sutton (Pop)

My 3 Sons

My husband Sam and I are blessed with 3 wonderful boys. Although they are not "boys" any more. Josh is 27, Jake 24 and Cody is 20. I am very blessed in that these 3 never gave me a reason to worry. I never had to sit up at night wondering where they were or what the were doing. We were very strict and demanded to know what was going on in their lives. No, No... it didn't give them a complex. Josh is married to a wonderful girl named Kelly, Jake is married to an equally wonderful girl named Andrea (they have just given us our first grandchild, Gabe) and Cody is a Sophomore at Clemson University.