Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beach Baby, Beach Baby, Give me your hand....

Gabe's trip to Destin, Fl.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just some "Good Ole Boys"

I've done a lot of traveling back and forth to Alabama these last 13 years and yes...I've had my share of tickets. I just seem to be a magnet for State troopers in Alabama. South Carolina has gotten me twice, Georgia once and the rest were those "Good ole Bama Boys". The best thing I can say about an AL State trooper is this, "They have a great sense of humor".

One particular stop:

I had just gotten on highway 68 in Albertville Al. It was a straight shot as far as I could see. The boys were in the back just getting settled for the 6 hour drive, when I saw the Trooper behind me with his lights flashing. So, of course I pulled over as soon as I could and all that was running through my mind was "Your insurance is Going UP". After he took all of my info, he returned to his cruiser to write up the ticket. While waiting, I instructed the kids to not say a word and I started thinking, " I'll just be calm and maybe I can talk my way out of this". As soon as he gets to my window, my mouth kicks into overdrive and I start rambling, "I am so sorry officer, We're on our way home and we'd just finished breakfast at Hardee's and I was trying to just get back on the road and get the kids settled because it's going to be a long trip and... I was going to set my cruise control, I always set my cruise control, I never forget to set my cruise control, I promise I was gonna set my cruise control!"

Without missing a beat, his head down, still looking at the ticket he was about to give me, He said,

"Ma'am, you were doing 75 mph in a 55 mph zone, just when were you planning to set it?"

I just shrugged my shoulders, took my ticket and realized that I'd be better off keeping my mouth shut.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Seth Austin Parkison

This is a recent picture of one of my best friends grandson. She e-mailed me today and explained that although Seth's Dad is a Mississippi State Bulldog fan, some of their friends at church thought they'd mess with him and put a Georgia Bulldog bib on poor little Seth.

"Cutie Pie"

All I have to say is :
"Pick on somebody your own size"!
"You ought to be ashamed of yourself"!
"Seth is too cute to have to wear anything that ugly!"!!!

P.S. To whom it may concern, Please remember this very animated reaction if you are even remotely thinking about putting "ANYTHING" Auburn on Gabe.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maw Maw's heavy hand

My Mother was always the disciplinarian in the family when I was growing up. I really can't remember my Dad spanking us. Mom always ruled with a heavy hand....until she had grandchildren. I know she spanked my three boys some but not nearly as much as they needed it. As far as the 4 girls are concerned, Audrey"s had 1 spanking, Sarah had 1, Emilee 0, and Erin is so much like my mother that they knock heads constantly, but no spankings (yet).

So you must think the ones that got the spankings had to have done something really bad, right?

Case #1
Audrey: It was the day before Easter and Mom had just finished ironing her dress and hung it on a hanger above the door frame. Audrey who was a tough little 3 year old kept walking under it and letting in hit her in the face. She was told to stop before she knocked it down. She suggested that Maw Maw move it. Well....Maw Maw didn't move it fast enough, so the next time she went under it, she grabbed it an bit a hole in the dress. Result: spanking


Sarah: She decided to decorate my mother's white walls with Ghosts. Large ghosts with big black eyes and big black mouths. And for this piece of art work she used a big black magic marker. Result: spanking, elbow grease and some help from Aunt B to remove them.

Emilee and Erin haven't gotten any spankings from Maw Maw yet but I see one in Erin's near future, especially if she hides Maw Maw's cell phone in the loaf of bread again.

What's wrong with these pictures?

Choices are:
A. There are no clothes on the drying rack
B. The fan is not on.
C. My husband is a genius.
D. all of the above.
Ding, Ding, Ding, you got it!
The answer is, D. all of the above.
Remember how I told you that the air conditioner that we bought for the kitchen and Den would only run about 30 minutes at a time? Well...my husband had the brilliant idea to plug it into a surge protector, and it worked! The air conditioner has been running since 7 this morning and it is now 3:30. My house is a comfortable 70 degrees and I have run my dryer all day. I'm so excited! I can finally wash some towels. I have been putting that off and concentrated on clothes and a few towels now and then. I probably have (no lie) 50 towels, and you guessed it, they all need washing. So as Martha is so fond of saying "It's a good thing"

Monday, July 23, 2007

My eyes, My eyes!!!

Since we have been without air conditioning, I've become very creative. Unfortunately I still have somethings that have to be done. Take laundry for example: I wash the clothes as usual but I can't run my dryer for fear of heating up the house, so in my computer room I've basically converted it into a "Big Dryer". I raise the window and blind about 12 inches and set a fan in front of it to pull the warm air in, I then hang clothes on hangers around the room. I put "delicates" on a drying rack I found at target. It all works pretty well. I can have a load of clothes dried in about an hour.

I told all of this so you could appreciate the "Rest of the Story".

After getting out of the shower this morning, I realized that all my "delicates" were on the drying rack. As I walked into the room (naked) I thought to myself, I really need to get my stuff off the rack, so I'll be quick about it and close the blinds (remember it's only up about 12 inches). So in a hurry I reach for the cord to lower the blinds and Yep...you got it, the whole thing fell!

So here I am standing in front of the window completely Naked! I stand there stunned for about 5 seconds, then I jump to the side of the window, quickly grab my clothes, hold them in front of me and slowly back out of the room. Then...I start to worry. My neighbor across the road has his grandson, who is about 10, visiting. I saw him earlier walking to the pool. The thing that bothers me is this, If he did see my unfortunate peep show, I'm afraid I've scarred that boy for life!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Speaking of Cousins....

I have many cousins and I acknowledge "almost" all of them. I have one cousin that is the epitome of your typical blonde.(at least she was blonde when she was little) Just to give you an idea of what I mean. She's probably going to kill me when she reads this so to protect her identity, I'll just call her P.(don't worry, she'll think it's someone else)

True Story:

I was home visiting and P came over to see me. In the middle of our conversation she stands up and with a worried look on her face, reaches for the phone.

Me: Who are you calling?

P.: I have to call Trish to see if she can cut my hair.

Me: Oh...I thought she was working as a nurse now?

P: Yeah...she is.

Me: So..... she just cuts hair on the side?

P (with a puzzled look): Naw...she cuts it all over.

And this is one of the cousins I acknowledge!

Is that a diamond on your finger?

I was out watering my tomatoes the other day and Cami and Max were out there with me. It was dusk and the fireflies were everywhere, so I suggested that we catch some. Well...Max wasn't too big on the idea so he went inside to finish watching a movie.
Cami immediately yelled, "Yeah, lets catch some fireflies, Aunt B...you do it."I caught one firefly and Cami decided that it wasn't as much fun as she thought so she made a hasty retreat inside. So...there I was all alone, sitting on the porch watching all that twinkling. I sat out there for a while and my mind inevitably wandered back to a time when my cousins and I would play outside on hot summer nights. We would play until my Mom would come out on the porch and yell for me to come home. And those poor little "lightning bugs" never had a chance.
Oh...we caught them, but we didn't just put them in a jar. Nooooo.....we squished their little bodies and put the glowing parts on our fingers like big diamond rings! I know, I know, it is pretty gross when I think about it now, but man, it sure looked good in the dark!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spare the Rod....

Yes,...I spanked my boys. Of my three boys, I'd have to say Jake was the most frequent receiver of discipline. He wasn't a bad kid, just a very mischievous one. And no...spanking wasn't the only form of discipline I used. One of my most effective forms was to make Josh and Jake (after an afternoon of fighting) sit in the floor and touch their noses together, after a minute or two they were both in tears and vowing to not fight anymore. So my brilliant idea was working....until Jake decided to rub his snotty nose all over Josh's face.
That's it....bend over!

I used to think that even though Jake was always into something, at least he was honest. If something was broken or torn up, I would ask who did it, the answer from all three was "I don't know, it wasn't me" After grilling them for a while Jake would eventually say"Okay...I did it" with a look on his face that said "I really didn't do it but I'm gonna take the wrap for it so that my wonderful brothers will be off the hook". And it worked. Jake surely didn't do it, so now my anger is squarely on the other two, and after all this, somebody is going to get a spanking! Poor Jake willing to take the blame for his brothers....yeah right! Years later I found out that Jake really did do it and I fell for his underhanded plan... hook, line and sinker.

Jake (after all that discipline) is going to be a great Dad. He has made many comments about his and Andrea's philosophy on the subject, and I have no doubt that their children will be corrected when they need it.

Josh (on the other hand) is a softy. Oh..I know that he'll be a wonderful Dad but it will probably be up to Kelly to discipline their children. He knows how to discipline but I don't know if he'll be able to. Josh is especially vulnerable with little girls, they wrap him around their little fingers.

Cody...I'm sure won't know the first thing about discipline....because he NEVER got spanked.
Don't' believe me?....Just ask Josh and Jake.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Feeling "Puney"

As my Pap would say, "I've been feeling puney lately" For those of you that are not familiar with the term, it means that I haven't been feeling well. I have no energy and I've had a headache for 3 days, so yesterday I finally called the Doctor. I had an appointment today at 9:30 and boy was I dreading it! Dr. M has been our family doctor since we've been in Greenville and I really have a lot of faith in him. It's just that he thinks weight loss is the answer for everything. I believe you could go see him for a stumped toe and he would tell you that you need to lose weight. I already know that I need to lose weight and after today's visit, I'm more determined than ever to lose it. Dr. M laid it on the line for me today. He diagnosed me with Stage 2 Hypertension, the worse it could be. He said that if I didn't do the things necessary to get my Blood Pressure down, I would be a likely candidate for a Stroke. So yeah...he shook me up.

So...#1-bye bye salt,
#2-hello diet.
I also had to buy a BP monitor. He wants me to take my BP reading daily and keep it on a chart. And last but not least, BP medicine, actually an ACE inhibitor( breaks down enzymes so the blood can flow easier to my heart).
I was instructed (and this is the best part) to do NOTHING for at least 2 days... except rest. Now That will be a piece of cake...(rice cake of course)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Growing up without video games, ipods and all the other devices that keep kids in the house today, we actually used our imagination when we played. One of our favorite imaginary games was "Tarzan", and yes...I was usually him. It was just no fun being "Jane"( that was usually played by my cousin Pam). But the MOST important part of all was that of "Cheeta"(you know...the monkey) That role always went to my brother Greg. I am almost 6 years older than him so he was easily convinced that playing a "monkey" was great! And he was a GREAT monkey... complete with sound effects. The best part was that after a while he really WANTED to play Cheeta. I don't think he would have been Tarzan if we offered it to him. (of course we never did)
Looking back, I couldn't have asked for a better baby brother.

Greg is over 40 now and is one of my best friends. I don't get to talk to him that often but, I know where he is and he knows where I am, always. Greg managed to graduate from College while raising a family (no easy task). He has always been the Dad that helped Coach the girls in softball when they were small, and now that they are older you'll find him cooking hundreds of Boston butts to raise funds for the team, in other words...he's a very "hands on" Dad. I appreciate Greg for so many things, things like being a great role model for my boys, being a great cook and carrying on the Fourth of July tradition, and for having sense enough to marry Melody. But most of all for being a Christian and raising my nieces up in a Christian Household.
Love ya "Cheeta"
It was nice growing up with someone like you - someone to lean on, someone to count on... someone to tell on! ~Author Unknown

My cluttered mess

Okay....I don't claim to be the most organized person in the world, but I do like a sense of order. Especially in my closets! Case in point: this is the closet in the computer room, (an extra closet for clothes that are overflowing) on one side you have Sam's short sleeve casual shirts and shorts, on the other side are Cody's long sleeve shirts and jackets. I take great pride in organizing my closets. I'll spend days working on them. I spent 2 days alone working on Cody's closet when he left for Clemson.

Then my un-cluttered world was shattered!.... Cody came home for the summer. This is Cody's closet at the present. Don't get me wrong..I love having Cody home. It's just that I can't stand looking at that mess. But I don't say anything. Sam is always telling me to "Pick Your Battles"

So on this one, I'll just shut the door....or at least, attempt to.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cami's 5

Cami had her 5th birthday party today, excuse me... a Little Mermaid Party ! There were a lot of little girls there and a few of them had great lungs. I've never heard so many squeals and giggles in my life. Being the mother of 3 boys I have great compassion for parents of little girls (especially a 5 year old). There's no doubt that they were having a great time, the giggles were constant. We love being there with the kids and sharing their birthdays with them. Cami's birthday was actually on the 8th, she just had her party today. We went out for Ice Cream on her birthday and got her toenails painted. But today was the day Cami has been anxiously awaiting for. She was one excited little girl.Hope you enjoy all the pictures and just be glad there's no sound attached.
Loved the cake!
I heard one little girl tell Cami, "I'm gonna get a blue piece" to which Cami replied, (as she rolled her eyes) "We're all gonna get a blue piece!"

A Fish Named Max

Max is a swimmer. Here are a few pictures of him swimming in the deep end while the shallow end was occupied with about a dozen squealing, screaming little girls at Cami's party.
Smart Boy!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

You'd have to HEAR it to believe it...

I wish everyone could witness this phenomenon. Give my Husband a weed-eater or a lawnmower and he turns into a "Singing Sensation". It doesn't matter who can hear him, he puts in a CD, puts on his head phones and gets to work (gotta love "The Eagles").
In the end the yard looks great and all the neighbors have been treated to a free "Outdoor Concert".

Booster,Booster be a Booster

Sing with me...Don't be grouchy like a rooster.

Booster, Booster be a Booster

And Boost our Bible School

Gabe attended his first VBS this week. I'm sure this is only the first of many. I'm not quite sure exactly what the theme was but it included cowboy hats. I know this because of this picture sent to me by his Mom. I know he's too small to understand the significance of Bible School but I bet he will love the songs. Songs like "Deep & Wide", "I'm in the Lords Army", "The B-I-B-L-E" and my personal favorite "Jesus Loves Me". Humming yet? Me too!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Superstitious....me? You Bet. I don't know why but I've always been. I know there's nothing to it but I grew up being that way. Come on...admit it. How many times were you told not to open an umbrella in the house or never to walk under a ladder? And how many times have you driven down the road and a black cat walked across your path, I bet you instinctively made a cross on your windshield to cross out the bad luck..I (personally) take that a bit further, I cross off any cat! I bet you take precautions to not break a mirror for fear of seven years of bad luck. As kids we were told if we step on a crack we'll break our Mother's back, and how many times have you spilled some salt only to pick a little up and throw it over your left shoulder?

See... I'm not the only superstitious one out there.

Will you take a nickle for that?

Many Saturday mornings you'll find my husband out "Yard Selling". I imagine that in the South there's a yard sale somewhere every weekend. I don't mind him going, just don't ask me to go with him. I'm the type of person that can tell, just by driving by that there is nothing at that particular sale that I want. Not Sam...he has to stop and inspect every item they have. Joking aside, He's found some really good dress shirts and things for himself, it's when he tries to buy things for me that he loses his better judgement and finds his sense of humor.

For example, here's some of his "finds" for me:

~A "1980's" comforter set (peach and green floral)-I don't have 1 bedroom with those colors and don't plan to have in the future.

~A salad shooter- it was sent to goodwill after a few weeks of trying to find a place for it and it's 1000 attachments

~A really expensive picture frame, problem was...I had to "assemble it". -His reasoning behind buying this was "you're so good at puzzles, I thought you'd like it".

He really means well...I'm just waiting for the day he brings home that Tiffany Lamp!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Blog by any other name...

I realize the name of this Blog is "The Etheredge Family" but it encompasses so much more. I have been an Etheredge for 28 years but I've been a Shubert all my life. I've also been part Sutton, Morrison, Kennamer, Martin...aw, you get the picture So you see, just because this is the "Etheredge" family blog you will soon realize that as far as I'm concerned,

Family is Family, no matter how far down the line or how many times removed.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Peas in a Pod

Cody and Audrey are 1st cousins but you would think that they are brother and sister. These two were very close growing up. Where ever one was the other was not far behind. Audrey delighted in Cody coming home for visits, and for many years Cody and Audrey were each others constant companion. Then something happened...They grew up, but they did not grow apart. Audrey was like a lost little lamb this 4th of July, because for all of Audrey's life, She and Cody have been together at the big cookout. From staging patriotic shows for the family to lighting "snakes" and smoke bombs, they did it Together.