Friday, March 7, 2008

The First of many....

Well, Gabe got his first "real" pop on the leg from his Granby yesterday. While it wasn't an earth shattering pop, I expect it did sting a little.

We had been outside all morning and Gabe was having a great time but by about 1:00, I could tell he was getting very sleepy. He's always been pretty easy to get to sleep, all you have to do is lay down with him for a few minutes and he falls asleep. Well...yesterday he DID NOT want any part of a nap. Here's how the attempt played out.

*I laid him down and he immediately went for my hair (he loves to gently rub your hair as he falls asleep) but...instead of the gentle stroke of the hair it was an all out assault. He pulled once, I told him no, twice, I told him no, third time I gave his hair a little tug and he got the message.

*I Then thought that he had given up, but...I was wrong. He then took his little hand and rubbed my face, then he hit my head several times, fast. I grabbed his hand and told him "No hitting".

*Finally...In fast acrobatic moves he worked his body around until he got his feet up to my face and then he started to kick those little feet as hard as he could. That's when it happened.. I popped that little leg and he knew his Granby meant business!

Two minutes later...Gabe was fast asleep.

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Kelly M. Parkison said...

I am sure it was harder on you than gabe! :)