Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jesus and Jack

Gabe has this utter obsession with Pirates, in particular Captain Jack Sparrow. This kid eats, breathes and sleeps Captain Jack. See the picture below? This is worn so often that when he takes it off and I see that there is blond curly hair underneath it kinda shocks me.

Any way...back to the title post,

Yesterday Captain Jack(Gabe) and the "nice Calypso"(me) were sailing the seas in the Black Pearl (a ship sandbox) , when Captain Jack jumped out of the ship to kill the "mean Davy Jones" ( side note: Gabe's pirate world consists of mean and nice versions of each character)

After ridding the world of the "Mean Davy Jones" , he started walking back to the ship and the following conversation ensued:

Me: "Shouldn't you be swimming back to the ship, Captain Jack?"

Gabe: "No...I'm just going to walk on the water".

Me: "Well...I thought only Jesus could walk on water".

Gabe: "Yeah...Only Jesus and Jack Sparrow!"

Kinda sums up just where Jack Sparrow ranks right now in Gabe's World

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Kelly M. Parkison said...

Hilarious! Mom told me some more of his Jack Sparrow stories. So cute! We are just totally into the movie Cars in my house.