Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Rice Box

When Cody was a little boy, I made him a rice box to play in instead of a sand box. Unlike sand,... rice wouldn't get rubbed in his eyes, tracked through the house or get in crevices and get carried into his bed. He loved his rice box and so did all my nieces and Cami and Max. We've had it with us for the 15 years we were away, and the girls had only got to play in it when they visited, so...when I brought it home to Alabama this week...let's just say...the girls STILL love playing in it!

Gabe got in on the action too! His favorite thing was to fill a cup up with rice and shake it!

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Sam said...

I was so happy to see all the girls enjoying the rice box. It was so nice to catch up, if just a little bit, on the things we missed when we lived in South Carolina. Erin made a great "plate lunch" of rice dishes, and Gabe was happy playing with all the girls. And Erin's little friend is an awesome baseball hitter. Every time I threw the wiffle ball close enough, she hit it, and finally hit it so solidly that it broke! I asked if she played ball, and she said no...I replied "well, you ought to!" It was a great day, especially since there was still time for a Sunday afternoon nap!