Saturday, January 10, 2009

No...I don't make this stuff up!

Remember my cousin P.? No? Go to July 2007 and read the post about cousins. Go on...I'll wait........OK, here we go again

P has had to take all her clothes to the laundry mat for the last 2 weeks because her washer hasn't been working. She tried every thing, checking the breaker box, making sure the water was working etc... She called Sears to come to fix it and they finally came this last Tuesday. When P returned home that day from work she asked her mother if Sears came and were they able to fix it. Her mother informed her that they did indeed come and they were able to fix her problem. P was excited and asked her Mother, "What did they do to get it to work?" Her mother replied, " They plugged it in!"

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