Thursday, January 21, 2010

Facebook...The Good and the Bad

I've recently started doing the facebook thing and I have to's addictive. So...that being said, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad one. There are some positives and some negatives so I thought I would list both and see if I want to stick with it.

I've connected with people that I have not even thought about since High School.

Good: I may have not thought about these people much but when I found them on Facebook, It was so heartwarming to see where they are in life. I also felt an immediate familiarity to them.

Bad: I also have to share in their heartache. If I had seen the story on the news or in a newspaper about the 25 yr. old man that had died during a duck hunting would have still been sad, but to now know that he was a son of someone I went to High School with and have just recently connected with, heart is breaking.

I get to follow my Boys lives and their doings more.

Good: I get to see their opinions and feelings about things that motivate them.

Bad: I don't always agree with those opinions!

My nieces, who are growing up way too fast, post often and I get to see a little of their life.

Good: I love seeing the pictures they post of the good times they are having in school.

Bad: I see where my oldest niece is posting about just getting home at 2am! (she is in college) but still!!!

I know it takes time to stay on top of this and I really don't know if I can devote that much time in front of my computer...oh , what am I saying, I'm on this thing all the time! I think I'll keep it up ... for now anyway. I know if my boys or my nieces read this they will be begging me to never sign into Facebook again.

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