Thursday, January 14, 2010

How bout Elmo?

I had the Following conversation with my Granddaughter yesterday.

I had just picked her up from Daycare and as soon as I put her in the Car seat she asked,

Ellie: Where Elmo Movie?

Me: Darlin...Grandby doesn't have the Elmo movie anymore....Remember? I gave it to you so that you could watch it in Mommy and Daddy's car. How about we go to Walmart and get some new movies to keep in Granby's van.

Ellie nods

Me: How about a Dora movie?
Ellie: How bout Elmo?

Me: How about Mickey Mouse?
Ellie: How bout Elmo?

Me: How about......Yo Gabba Gabba!!!
Ellie: How bout....Elmo!!!

Me: OK....How bout Elmo?

Ellie: How bout Dora?

She never missed a beat....

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