Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pray for Brent

Brent McCorkle is the 25 year old son of one of my best friends. Brent has just been deployed to Iraq. This is a copy of the last e-mail he sent before he left:

Hello Everyone,
This will be my last email sent from home. My flight dates have shifted a little, and my company and I will be leaving for our deployment a few days later. We are still scheduled to land in Kuwait (after a 17 hour flight!!) and do a few weeks of training/adapting before we move up to Iraq.I just wanted to thank everyone for all the prayers and support that I have received already. I know a bunch of people have mentioned wanting to send care packages and letters to my guys and I, but I do not have a mailing address just yet. Once I arrive in Iraq, I will send out another email with our actual mailing address.I also wanted to list some of the names of the guys in my platoon and company that I would like for all of you to pray for...these are all AMAZING soldiers and I feel extremely confident in going over there with these men:

CPT Joe Inge (my commander)
1SG Travis Bean
1LT Mike Fritz
1LT Brian Deminico
1LT Mark Quivers
SSG Kenderis King (married with one due in July)
SSG Phillip Moore (married with 2yr old and brand new baby boy!)
SSG Kevin Simpson (married with 2 children)
SGT Pete Louriero
SGT Matthew Price (married with a daughter)
CPL Andy Ricket
CPL Nate Olsen
PFC Kyler Boline
PFC Jarred Stallone
PFC David Chanthavong (married and wife just found out she was pregnant)
PFC Mike Carroll (married and baby due in July)
PFC Iann Williams
PVT Bob Mitchell

Please forward this email on to anyone who did not get a chance to leave me their email or have them email me so that I can add them to this large list. I know that I have left some folks out.
Thanks again for all your support in helping me to get to this opportunity.
Please keep ALL our troops in your prayers as well as Emily (my fiancé!!!), my family, and the families of all my soldiers!
Love you all!
Brent McCorkle

Please pray for all our troups and be sure to say a special one for Brent.

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