Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cami and Max

Cami and Max are the children of Jack and Susie Kosmicki. (Jack was my boys wrestling coach and he and Susie are our "family" in Greenville.) Max and Cami are our favorite munchkins.
I have known and loved these 2 since the day they were born. They are as special to me as my other niece's and nephews. Max is 6 years old and Cami is 4(almost 5).

Typical conversation with Cami:
Cami: Aunt B, did you know that my daddy married Max's mommy?

Aunt B. : Really! I thought that your mommy and daddy got married, then they had you two.

Cami: yea..they did. Daddy got us at the Bi-Lo

Aunt B: I thought babies came from the hospital. My son had to get his baby from there, I don't think they had any at the Bi-Lo.

Cami: nah...they don't anymore, we were the last ones

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