Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meet the Etheredge Family

My husband and I were High School Sweethearts in 1976 and have been together since. We basically "grew up together". We were raised in a little town in Alabama and I had lived there all my life, that is until I was 32 years old. So...here I was 32, a mama's girl and my husband's company transfers him to South Florida, Sunrise to be exact. Sunrise sits between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Talk about culture shock! So we load up a u-haul, 3 kids and with a sense of adventure, head out to be on our own. 18 months in South Florida is not what you see on TV. I felt as if I were in another country. Anyone who has ever been to Miami knows this feeling.

Long story short... WE DID NOT LIKE FLORIDA!

Thank God for GREENVILLE, SC. We were transfered to Greenville 12 years ago and we love it here. It just feels like home, and the experience of being on our own without family all around everyday really makes you appreciate them more. The joy of going home to visit is just the greatest. We will one day retire in Alabama because no matter how great another city is, Alabama will always be HOME.

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