Sunday, October 21, 2007

Adventures in Home Improvement

This past week has been an eye-opener. Sam and I have been attempting to do some of the work on our own, sometimes we were successful and sometimes....not so much. Here's a few hit and misses:

*We had a broken pane in our bathroom window, so Sam decided that he could replace it himself. He went to the hardware store and bought some materials and then researched it on the Internet. He was on the ladder at the window for a long time and I assumed he was replacing the pane of glass.....Wrong, he was removing another pane so he could take it back to the hardware store to have another one cut! Now....this is an intelligent man and you wouldn't believe the dirty look I got when I asked him why he didn't just take the measurements of the window to the store! top it off, when he returned with 2 new panes (and the old one) wrapped in brown paper he laid them in a chair. I had been in another room cleaning when he got back so I didn't realize that he had put them in the chair and...yep...I sat down on them. we go again.

*Clorox bleach is great for cleaning, Ammonia is great for cleaning, so...if you mix the 2 of them together you should have a Super Cleaner...right? Wrong, what you have is a very toxic gas that will burn your lungs, throat, nose and put you in the bed. Of course everyone, BUT ME, knows this. But I have to say, my kitchen floor was never cleaner.

*When you hire a 30 year old that takes 15-20 minute smoke breaks (he rolls his own cigarettes) and moves like a 60 year old, your house is not going to get painted in a few days. It has taken a week just to paint the front. At least I'm not paying by the hour.

*There are some things you should not pressure wash; Painted kitchen mats, Barbecue utensils (while holding them in your hand), the dirt off your sandals (while your foot is still in them) and last but not least....plants.

Other than these few's been a very productive week!

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