Wednesday, October 10, 2007

News and Notes

Here lately it seems that I just can't focus enough to Blog anything, I guess I'm just getting older and can't hold on to my thoughts very long. So....I thought I would just give you a rundown of things that are going on with the family.

*Cody is doing great. We don't see him very often but It's great when we do. He's coming home this weekend and I'm going to be cooking his favorite meal (homemade chicken fingers and mashed potatoes).

*Gabe is into everything. Every time I call they are pulling him away from something he shouldn't be into.

* We're finally getting our house painted. They start tomorrow.

*Josh has just started a new job and is going back to school.

*Jake is pursuing his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering.

*Kelly and Josh will hopefully find out on October 16th if I'm having a grandson or a granddaughter.

*My niece Sarah and her Mom are in Washington, DC on a school trip.

More to come.....


mark said...

I'm going through a lull in writing too. It'll get better. ;-)

Anonymous said...

well the book i have was awesome, I cant wait to read another. keep writing, mark.

mark said...

Thanks, Jake!! :-D