Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big News!

We're Moving!

Anyone want to buy a house? My husband will be starting his new job in 2 weeks and we need to sell fast! We will be in Nashville, Tn. for about a year, and then we'll be in Chattanooga, Tn. Nashville is about 2 hours from family and Chattanooga is about an hour. While I'm extremely happy about the move, I'm also saddened to be leaving what has been our home for 13 years. Cody has grown up here and will still be attending Clemson University. I have made many friends and gained extended "family" here. My biggest sorrow is leaving Max and Cami. I have loved these 2 since the day they were born and it breaks my heart. I will always try to be involved in their lives as long as they will let me. I plan on visiting often! I will also miss a number of friends, Emily O., Susie and Kos, Reva, Shirley, Claire, Judy, Dianna, Angie, Jill, ...just to name a few. I'll really miss my very good friend Brenda, but, I'll never lose touch with her. We don't talk a lot but I always know I can call anytime.

We were hoping for a little more time. I was wanting to make the move this spring, but they seem to be in a hurry for us, so they want us by December 14th. I'll post more as things progress. In the meantime,....Please Pray for us.

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Kelly M. Parkison said...

oh...this makes me sad! i want seth to know aunt b!