Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Halloween Carol

Ghosts of Halloween Past-

Scene: Huntsville Hospital, October 31st at 12:50am

*Joshua Heath Etheredge is born. My little Spook! I really tried not to have this baby on Halloween but God knew what he was doing, because what followed was many years of great birthday parties and an appreciation for this holiday.

*Josh's 8th birthday party was a carnival. We had a fortune teller, hayrides, and a witch to pass out goodies. The Hayride went around a graveyard where I had enlisted some cousins to terrify the kiddies! Fun, Fun, Fun.

*1st Halloween costumes:
Josh- birthday suit
Jake- Devil

Ghost of Halloween Present-

Scene: My House, Greenville SC

*My house is dark, except for a few candles, scary music is playing loudly, a ghost is hanging in the window and candles lead to the door. Great, huh?......well...maybe I overdid it, most kids get to the driveway and start crying. Fun, Fun, Fun.

*Josh will be 28 this Halloween.

*Gabe will wear his first costume

*I will be wishing my kids were still young, and I'll feel so very lonely

Ghost of Halloween Future-

Scene: Somewhere closer to my grandchildren.

*I'll spend one night carving pumpkins with my grandchildren.

*We'll spend another night making ghost and bat shaped cookies.

*They'll come to Granby and Poppa's to help decorate the yard with bales of hay, pots of mums, and an occasional Ghost or Bats flying in the trees.

*I'll finally have my Halloween back!

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