Monday, September 17, 2007

Fair Play

I was just visiting the Kosmicki family blog, (link at the bottom) and I got to remembering how much fun we used to have at the fair. But...Fairs are different today. There's mostly rides and games. Oh, but we had all of those things too, and I bet my Mom just loved the thought of another goldfish being brought home! But...we also had the "Sideshows". I can remember paying 50 cents to see the worlds smallest man (he was preserved in a jar). I also remember paying to see pictures of what happens to your hand or leg when bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider or a Rattlesnake. But some were just too gross or I was too young to see.

The one I remember the most that I was not able to see ( too young ) was "supposedly" a film of a man giving birth through his head.

THAT...I'd pay to see today!

I know it's because I was small but the Fair seemed to be HUGE. It would take a couple of hours to go up one side and down the other. And the food! Who could walk out without a candied apple or Cotton Candy? Of course when your 12 or 13, the main reason to go to the Fair was the Boys.
By that age it was more fun to be seen than to see the sites.

I also remember that as I got older(14-17) the coolest thing to do was to go to the "Midnight Madness" on Friday night. At midnight for one price you got a band around your wrist that would let you ride all the rides. Everybody went, it was the talk of the week. After the football game, we all piled into cars and went to the fair....did I say WE? Do you think MY parents would let me go "un-supervised" to a fair after Midnight? Get Real!

I did get to go 1 and only 1 time. My friend Leslie talked her Mom into taking us.

I was a Senior!

We had a blast, and of course my boyfriend (Sam) just happened to be there.

But shhhh.....I don't think my Mom knows.

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