Friday, September 7, 2007

The Ole "Switch-a-roo"

While I was in Alabama this weekend,My sister and I went through some clothes that the girls had out grown. I knew that Cami could wear a lot of them so I bagged them up and headed back to SC with a van full. those bags were the normal shorts, shirts, dresses etc.., But, there were also many dance and Halloween costumes. Needless to say...Cami was in seventh heaven.

Cami's the type of 5 year old that thinks she's 16, so...the flashier...the better. While going through the clothes, Cami was modeling....not the shorts and shirts, but the rhinestone studded skirts and halters.

Susie (her mom) picked out the cutest blue jean skirt and white shirt that had cherries on it for Cami to wear to school the next day....and she did. BUT...when her dad picked her up that afternoon, Cami was sporting a hot pink mini skirt trimmed with black netting and a halter top. It seems that there was more than kindergarten papers in her book bag that morning.

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