Monday, September 10, 2007


Well....I'll start off by saying that I Love the new "Hairspray" movie, I like it so much that I've seen it twice at the theater, which is something I never do. But it was the second time around that did me in. While in Alabama, the girls (my nieces, daughter-in-law and sister) decided that they wanted to have a night out, again. (the last night out we had was to see "Hairspray" the first time). Audrey was really wanting to see "Becoming Jane" and so we all agreed. The girls were the first ones in the theater to grab our seats. They chose to sit so close that I had to lean my head back to see, well...I can't deal with that, so I decided to go up to the top row and my sister decided to join me. Then I don't know what exactly happened but I suddenly got so sleepy ( it didn't help that the movie was interfering with my Sunday afternoon nap). It also didn't help that the movie starts off very, very slow, not to mention that the dialect was in a heavy British accent. After sitting there for a while, I turned to my sister and suggested that we sneak out and go see another movie, she agreed. So, we devised a plan. She would leave first and I would follow ( we had to walk right behind the girls). My Sister leaves with no problem so I follow, I really don't know what I was thinking but I tip toed the whole way out and crouched way down for fear of detection. Finally, we're sitting down enjoying "Hairspray" again, laughing like crazy because we think we got away with something sneaky.

Movie's over and I'm the first one out. The first person I see when I walk out is a security guy with three other theater employees. My heart jumps in my throat when he asks me, "Are you alone?",... about that time my sister walks out. He looks at her and asks, "Are you two together?". Suddenly I felt 5 years old again and caught with my hand in the cookie jar. I stammered out, "Yes, we're together", don't get me wrong, I love my sister but right now all I'm thinking is, "I ain't going down by myself". Right about the time I'm getting up the courage to grovel, he sticks out his hand and gives me a ticket for a free movie pass, which by this time everybody is coming out and they're ALL getting passes. Good Grief!! Next time I go to a movie, I'm staying put, no matter how bad it is.

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Sam said...

You're so devious!