Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mixed Nuts

I don't know about you, but the last place I want my husband with me is in the Grocery Store, and he knows it! I tend to buy more than usual because he is adding to my cart. Today was a perfect example of what I mean. Sam went with me to Wal-mart so that I could pick up a few things, we have just returned from Alabama and I told him that money would be tight for a few days, but I still needed a few things. As soon as we walked in the door, I went toward the grocery section and he waved at me and said "I'll see you in a minute" and headed in the other direction. Ten minutes later he returned with a pack of boxer shorts. I just looked at him and he immediately whipped out his wallet, and with a sigh, handed me $10. Much to his surprise...I took it!

For the next 10 minutes, THIS was our conversation:

Sam- "we need some mixed nuts"

Me- "no we don't, they're too high in calories"

Sam-" I thought you said nuts were good for you"

Me- " Regular unsalted walnuts are, but salty mixed nuts are very high in calories"

Sam -" Where are the mixed nuts?"

Me- "we don't need any mixed nuts, we have plenty of walnuts" (He likes to make his own trail mix)

Sam- " you just don't want to eat any so you don't want me to"

Then he remembers that he needs deodorant, so after another ten minutes of trying to determine the best brand, he finally chooses and we head toward the check out. As we're walking down the aisle he suddenly looked at me and said, "I never did find any mixed nuts"!!!!!

Driving home, I'm feeling kinda bad about the mixed nuts, but he seems okay with it and we're talking and laughing about things, so I figure....it's over. We get home and he's helping me put the groceries up and I pull a bag of dried mixed berries ( which he loves to put in his trail mix) out and to make him feel good I say " Look I got you some dried mixed berries"!. He looked very pleased and smiled, then said,

"Thanks, but they're not really that good without the mixed nuts"

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Sam said...

hey, look in the cabinet next to my coffee....a nice can of "mixed nuts!"...I learned to stop fussing and just go back later and get what I want my myself.