Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maw Maw's heavy hand

My Mother was always the disciplinarian in the family when I was growing up. I really can't remember my Dad spanking us. Mom always ruled with a heavy hand....until she had grandchildren. I know she spanked my three boys some but not nearly as much as they needed it. As far as the 4 girls are concerned, Audrey"s had 1 spanking, Sarah had 1, Emilee 0, and Erin is so much like my mother that they knock heads constantly, but no spankings (yet).

So you must think the ones that got the spankings had to have done something really bad, right?

Case #1
Audrey: It was the day before Easter and Mom had just finished ironing her dress and hung it on a hanger above the door frame. Audrey who was a tough little 3 year old kept walking under it and letting in hit her in the face. She was told to stop before she knocked it down. She suggested that Maw Maw move it. Well....Maw Maw didn't move it fast enough, so the next time she went under it, she grabbed it an bit a hole in the dress. Result: spanking


Sarah: She decided to decorate my mother's white walls with Ghosts. Large ghosts with big black eyes and big black mouths. And for this piece of art work she used a big black magic marker. Result: spanking, elbow grease and some help from Aunt B to remove them.

Emilee and Erin haven't gotten any spankings from Maw Maw yet but I see one in Erin's near future, especially if she hides Maw Maw's cell phone in the loaf of bread again.


Anonymous said...

Why would anybody hit a child? You disrespect your children by having anyone, including yourself, hit their bodies. Love your children. Respect them and one day they will respect you. Nobody really respects a person who hits them. A child respects an adult who acts like an adult by teaching them - gently.

The Etheredge Family said...

Read your Bible!