Friday, July 13, 2007

Will you take a nickle for that?

Many Saturday mornings you'll find my husband out "Yard Selling". I imagine that in the South there's a yard sale somewhere every weekend. I don't mind him going, just don't ask me to go with him. I'm the type of person that can tell, just by driving by that there is nothing at that particular sale that I want. Not Sam...he has to stop and inspect every item they have. Joking aside, He's found some really good dress shirts and things for himself, it's when he tries to buy things for me that he loses his better judgement and finds his sense of humor.

For example, here's some of his "finds" for me:

~A "1980's" comforter set (peach and green floral)-I don't have 1 bedroom with those colors and don't plan to have in the future.

~A salad shooter- it was sent to goodwill after a few weeks of trying to find a place for it and it's 1000 attachments

~A really expensive picture frame, problem was...I had to "assemble it". -His reasoning behind buying this was "you're so good at puzzles, I thought you'd like it".

He really means well...I'm just waiting for the day he brings home that Tiffany Lamp!

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Anonymous said...

Forget about the Tiffanys! Maybe you'll see me one day on the Antiques Roadshow sporting my gazillion dollar whatnot I bought for a quarter!