Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is that a diamond on your finger?

I was out watering my tomatoes the other day and Cami and Max were out there with me. It was dusk and the fireflies were everywhere, so I suggested that we catch some. Well...Max wasn't too big on the idea so he went inside to finish watching a movie.
Cami immediately yelled, "Yeah, lets catch some fireflies, Aunt do it."I caught one firefly and Cami decided that it wasn't as much fun as she thought so she made a hasty retreat inside. So...there I was all alone, sitting on the porch watching all that twinkling. I sat out there for a while and my mind inevitably wandered back to a time when my cousins and I would play outside on hot summer nights. We would play until my Mom would come out on the porch and yell for me to come home. And those poor little "lightning bugs" never had a chance.
Oh...we caught them, but we didn't just put them in a jar. Nooooo.....we squished their little bodies and put the glowing parts on our fingers like big diamond rings! I know, I know, it is pretty gross when I think about it now, but man, it sure looked good in the dark!

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