Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cami's 5

Cami had her 5th birthday party today, excuse me... a Little Mermaid Party ! There were a lot of little girls there and a few of them had great lungs. I've never heard so many squeals and giggles in my life. Being the mother of 3 boys I have great compassion for parents of little girls (especially a 5 year old). There's no doubt that they were having a great time, the giggles were constant. We love being there with the kids and sharing their birthdays with them. Cami's birthday was actually on the 8th, she just had her party today. We went out for Ice Cream on her birthday and got her toenails painted. But today was the day Cami has been anxiously awaiting for. She was one excited little girl.Hope you enjoy all the pictures and just be glad there's no sound attached.
Loved the cake!
I heard one little girl tell Cami, "I'm gonna get a blue piece" to which Cami replied, (as she rolled her eyes) "We're all gonna get a blue piece!"

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Anonymous said...

I said "Cami you sure have a lot of presents!" which she quipped (as if I should know this) "yea, I invited a lot of people!"