Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Two Peas in a Pod

Cody and Audrey are 1st cousins but you would think that they are brother and sister. These two were very close growing up. Where ever one was the other was not far behind. Audrey delighted in Cody coming home for visits, and for many years Cody and Audrey were each others constant companion. Then something happened...They grew up, but they did not grow apart. Audrey was like a lost little lamb this 4th of July, because for all of Audrey's life, She and Cody have been together at the big cookout. From staging patriotic shows for the family to lighting "snakes" and smoke bombs, they did it Together.

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Anonymous said...

It really is amazing that they grow up so fast. My Dad told me that years ago and I didn't realize it until the boys were grown. Now Audrey is driving! Cody is in college and the time goes by so quickly.