Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's 5:30 am and the phone rings, my dad picks it up and says nothing, the voice on the other end is my Pap. He only says 2 words, "Come on". My daddy hangs up the phone and walks next door. There sits his two sisters and his dad. His mom (maw maw) is frying eggs to go with the bacon and homemade biscuits. After she finishes she sits down with her husband and children. This happened every morning that I can remember until the day she died in 1980. My dad had a family, my aunts had husbands and children also, But that time together for them was very special. It wasn't that the rest of the family wasn't invited, we could come anytime we wanted. All I had to do was tell my Dad, "wake me up when Pap calls". Most of the time the rest of the family just wanted to sleep another hour or two. It also helps that on 2 acres sat 4 houses, you guessed it...My grandparents and their 3 children. So to say that this family has always been close is an understatement, but because of those early morning breakfasts, "closeness" goes way beyond those 2 acres.

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