Saturday, June 9, 2007

Special Women: part II

Kelly- Josh's wife. Kelly is a wonderful daughter-in-law. She and Josh enjoy the same things, they play golf together, both love to coach sports and are so much alike. Kelly is a not afraid to speak her mind to Josh, but will also be his staunchest defender.

Andrea- Jake's wife. Andrea is also a wonderful daughter-in-law. She and Jake both have a passion for the youth group in church. Jake is a youth minister and Andrea is supportive and is there to work beside him every step of the way.

Audrey-Oldest niece. Audrey may not "officially" be a woman at the tender age of 16, she is none the less a strong young woman. In a day when most 16 year old girls are giving their parents fits, Audrey has a strong moral conviction and desire to do the right thing.


These are the lessons I learned from the 4 women in the previous post that I hope these 3 can one day learn from me.

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