Saturday, August 11, 2007

Going home + "Bama" food = Busted Diet

After doing so good on my diet for 2 weeks, I went to Alabama. No, Alabama is not the culprit, it's just the food IN Alabama. I started off pretty good. Sam went and bought groceries for us to eat while at my Mom's, he bought fruit, chicken, fresh veggies....everything that we were supposed to eat. Sunday was good, Monday....good, Tuesday....we ate supper at Pepaw's (it was too good), Weds....OK, by Thursday, it was "What Diet?". Thursday ended up being "Girls Night", we ate at Chili's and then went to see "Hairspray". Even though I ate bad at Chili's, I told myself that I would cancel out that meal by not having my usual Popcorn and chocolate covered raisins at the movie. Then came Friday night. A Big Cook-out! It was so hot during the day we didn't start the cookout until 6:30,...well that meant that the chicken and ribs didn't get done until about 8:30.(lots of time to snack) Of course the chicken and ribs were wonderful...but I didn't eat that much. I only had 2 ribs and a half of a piece of chicken, no potato, little slaw and no bread. Sounds like I did alright huh....It would have been great, if it wasn't for that piece or two of lemon tart I had for an appetizer. Oh well...Back on the diet now that I'm home and I see lots and lots of chicken and fish in the future.

Here are a few pictures from the cookout:

Yes,....we actually have a "Barbecue House"

Pop and Grandmother with Pop's new "Toy"

While we were waiting to eat, all the grand kids went "riding"

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