Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stupid Stupid does.

Wake up call!

As I do every day, I went to my computer to check my bank account. I attempted to log in only to be refused. The message given me was "No Such Account" I tried three times before I started to panic.

I immediately called the Bank. They informed me that they had frozen my account because it had been "compromised". Banks are very sophisticated in their security systems, and for that I am thankful. It seems that they monitor habits when accessing an account online, and became suspicious when mine was accessed from another Country. They shut it down and notified me via email (which I failed to open BEFORE I freaked out).

Long story short, we had to completely close our account and open a new one. I had to give them a list of what payments or checks that were yet to come out of the account so that they would be aware. My new checks that I had ordered about a month ago, aren't any good now. They are sending me a free box of checks for the "inconvenience", which won't arrive for 7-10 days. Thank goodness they allowed us to keep our check card numbers so that we could continue using them.

Then I started thinking about a Dateline report about thieves who would wash checks in Bleach to remove the ink and then re- write them. Then...I thought, How stupid could I be?

I actually posted pictures of my checks online (to show off my grandson). Oh..I took a pen and scribbled out all of the vital information, but....If common thieves can "bleach" the ink off, just think what a smarter thief can do with a computer and an idiot like me.

P.S. Yes, the Check post has been removed.

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