Monday, August 13, 2007

Oscar & Angel

Oscar and Angel are a couple we've loved for 12 years. Both are getting on in years (84) and their health is failing fast. Angel is riddled with tumors and Oscar has started to have seizures. They live very comfortable and want for nothing. They have a home and people to drive them on trips, but sometimes I can just see a sadness in them. They have several children and I don't know how many grandchildren, their daughter Molly is the only one they see on occasion. Some days Angel can't even get out of bed because of her back, but Oscar is always by her side. Even though they have separate beds, most of the time they're snuggled together in one. Angel will be leaving us shortly, WE (her caretakers) have decided that she shouldn't suffer any more. We will miss and grieve for her. Oscar will be devastated and probably won't last long without her. When my Grandmother died, my Pap basically stopped living and was gone within 5 years. I'm afraid the same thing will happen to Oscar. I hope not, but with his health problems, I'm not sure what will be his demise, the seizures or a broken heart.

Oscar and Angel

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Anonymous said...

The two old dawgs ain't too sporty with the new little puppy that showed up yesterday.
Angel growls when he get's close, and Oscar is hiding out under the bed in the computer room.