Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Doing a "Happy Dance"

We have AIR! Yes, you heard me right, air. Cool, cool, air.
For those of you who don't know why I 'm so, so excited about this. Our AC unit went out on us June, 21st,That's roughly:
40 days ago,
or 960 hours ago
or 57,600 minutes ago
or how about this 3,456,000 seconds ago ( not that I was counting)
To put in perspective just HOW excited I was to get Cool Air... in a mad dash to go buy new filters, I had to turn around half way there and go back home because I had my pants on inside out.


Anonymous said...

It only took about 9 hours, or 540 minutes, or 32,400 seconds to whine "my feet are cold!" and turn up the thermostat! Gees!

Jed said...

I can imagine your excitement... I am a missionary in Cebu City, Philippines and it is very hot here... we dont have any central air anywhere... only a window unit in the bedroom... Electricity is really expensive so we only turn it on to sleep... The rest of the day we sweat like pigs.... I must admit though... 40 days is a long time... What happened???