Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ties that bind

Well, only 3 more days until we are Alabama bound. I'm so excited to go home to see, everyone. Cody hasn't been to Al. since March, so he's very excited. He is looking forward to seeing his big brothers and I know that they are anxious to see him also. There are 3 years and 4 months between Josh and Jake, but there are 4 years and 3 months between Jake and Cody. And boy did that extra year make a difference. Josh and Jake were pretty close growing up. They played together and even spent one year of high school together, but Cody was always small for his age and was always the baby to them. When Jake graduated, Cody was only in the 7th grade. (I held him back a year because of his size). But now that they are older, At 27, 24, and 20 that gap that was once huge is beginning to shrink. I always knew that one day they would become very good friends, not just brothers.


Anonymous said...

I am happy that the boys are close with one another. I was the youngest in my family; my big brothers always picked on me and it made an impact, so with Josh, Jake & Cody (I was always making sure "that if anybody was doing the hitting, it would be me!" --voicing my mandate that the boys not fight) I am anxiously looking forward to "boys night" since they are including the old 'Gaffer!' Now Cody's getting interested in Golf, and all three of my boys will be blistering me on the links..but's thats okay. I can always claim back pain as my excuse for not playing well.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that Josh is not answering saying he is still the best looking one even if he is a lot older

Josh said...

What do you mean "a lot older"??? I'm not that old!! And besides, everyone knows I'm the best looking anyway, I don't have to keep reminding people!