Sunday, August 19, 2007

There's always a critic....

I don't know what it is about me and restaurants. If anyone is going to get bad food or bad service, it will be ME! I would say that out of every 10 dining out experiences, at least one or two will be bad. But....yesterday was a double doozie.

1) We ate lunch in Clemson at a Seafood Restaurant. It was a nice place, lunch prices were great and I was hungry. I had not had breakfast and I love seafood. I was really surprised by their menu, they even had Red Snapper. I have never tried RS and my brothers have told me how great it is, so I was really excited. Well...if all RS tastes like this, I'll stick to Catfish. It wasn't so much the flavor of the fish, it was the fact that they cooked it until it was tough as leather. So needless to say, I complained. Now, I know that if my sons are reading this they are shaking their heads and laughing, because my misfortunes at restaurants are a running joke in this family. Result: 15% off our ticket

2) Later that night we went out to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We chose to go to "The Peddler". This restaurant is a very popular steak house in our city. If you don't know where you're going, you'll miss it, because the sign is a small sign by the driveway. It's a very "rustic" looking log and rock building, inside there are antiques and even a buffalo head in the waiting area. There is no menu to look at, Your waitress will either recite the menu or the chef will come out with a huge slab of Rib eye (their signature steak) and slice it for you at the table. Well....we really don't like Rib eye because of all the fat in it, so we order our favorite...NY strip. We like the strip because it's very lean, no gristle or fat. We got our salad, (which was wonderful) then came the steak and baked sweet potato. Remember why I said that we like NY strips? (no gristle or fat). My husband's was wonderful. Mine was ALL gristle and fat, I couldn't even cut it much less chew it. So...I complained.

They offered me another one but I didn't want that, so she said she would talk to the manager. She took my plate and after a while she came back to the table and said, " much of the steak did you eat?". Good grief...what? Well...I never saw a menu or a price list, so...maybe they charge by the bite. I didn't know what to say, so I just looked at her dumbstruck and said " I don't remember, you took my plate, go look. Anyway......Result: my steak was free, but my potato, salad and tea must have been around $15.00. For those prices, I can live without the "rustic charm".

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