Friday, August 3, 2007

Butterflies, turtles and a talking Rat

Max,Cami and I had a busy day today. I'm leaving to go to Alabama Sunday and I wont get to see them for a while so we really enjoyed the day together. First stop was IHop for breakfast, of course I got the low cal plate (egg substitute w/ onions, bell peppers and tomatoes), Max got pancakes, eggs and sausage, and Cami got the smiley face pancakes which were, in her words, "so very delicious".
Next it was on to the Roper Mountain Butterfly Garden. We saw maybe one or two butterflies but the big attraction for Max was the Lilly Pad Pond, which was full of turtles.

As we stood on the bridge looking at the Pond, the turtles swam up to us and after waiting for a while to see if we were going to feed them, they eventually swam away.

We ended our day at the movies. The only one that they would agree on was Ratatouille. The Bratz Movie was out of the question for Max and Transformers was met by a resounding NO by Cami. So after butterflies and turtles, we ended our day with a Rat.

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Susie said...

So now I have to sit through the Bratz movie and talk Max out of a pet turtle! Gee thanks Debbie! Just kidding. The kids had a ball! Thank you!