Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gabe at 8 months

Gabe is soooo much fun now. He really has a great personality, he only has 2 temperments at the moment. He's either smiling and laughing (which is 90% of the time) or showing us that he has a temper. He loves to hold your fingers and walk, which is more like running because everything he does is at full speed. He also Loves to dance, Jake can sing "I feel na na na na na na" and that head starts shaking and his little body starts rocking. It's hard to believe you can love anyone as much as your own children, but believe can.

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Anonymous said...

He's a "Sport Model" as he Great Granddad Paw Paw would've said!
I like it because I get to show him pretty much anything and he's faciniated with it. We spent several minutes just letting Gabe hold the chain lock on the side door..I know he can't articulate yet, but I can tell his mind is soaking it all in. I had to giggle when I heard his mom tell him "I won't let you touch stuff like your Papa does" ..that's right, I'm spoiling him a little! Papa's can do that cain't they?