Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paint by Number

I'm desperate to find someone to paint my house. The man who put up our GutterGuard system gave me an estimate and told me to call him when we get ready to paint. Well,...I call his number but he won't answer his phone, and I've been calling for a week. I've left message after message, and believe me...that was harder than you think.
Every time I call I have to listen to "Larry, the cable guy"(yeah , the red neck comedian) say "He's comin, hold yer horses, dang, how many times you call him in a week?"and so on and so on until it finally goes to his messages. If his purpose is to get you to quit leaving messages, it works. I let it ring a couple of times and before "Larry" can utter his first nasally "He's comin" I figure he's not gonna answer so I hang up.

Thankfully, Koz gave me the name of someone else, so...I called him and HE ANSWERED! He's coming this week to give me an estimate. Yeah!


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